Where Doesn’t It Hurt?

May 1st, 2014 in Featured Titles by April Michelle Davis 0
Where Doesn't It Hurt - Developmental Editing & Copyediting

Where Doesn’t It Hurt – Developmental Editing & Copyediting

In this enlightening exposé on the current healthcare predicament, Dr. Merlin Brown and his marketing-expert patient Charla Sheffield uncloak a “duh!” solution to out-patient healthcare plans that will lead to increased competition among medical practitioners and increased affordability and quality care for the patient.

Unlike most books on the topic, Where Doesn’t It Hurt makes a point to simplify the situation rather than complicate it, broaden it rather than specialize it. They discuss this extremely relevant topic with accessible, real-life examples of both the problem and a viable bipartisan solution.

April Michelle Davis performed a heavy copyedit on this manuscript, along with some developmental editing to make this book more understandable to the general audience.