Macros 101

Macros 101

Do you often perform the same tasks in Microsoft Word? How much time do you waste doing repetitive tasks at the beginning of each project? At the end? How about just in general throughout the editing process?

In this course, you will learn how to maximize your time by putting those repetitive tasks in a macro, allowing you to push one button and they are all done!

Some of the tasks that can be put into macros to speed up your process are auto formatting documents (font, size, color, margins, spacing between paragraphs, and double or single spacing documents), find and replace, adding comments, deleting comments, exporting comments, and other advanced concepts.

In addition, you will learn more than one way to create macros so you can create them in the way that is easiest for you!

This is an email correspondence course where participants work one-on-one with April Michelle Davis, a professional editor and macro user with over 20 years’ experience. There are eight sections within this course.

Add the course to your résumé, strengthen your skills, and learn how to run your indexing business like a professional.

Cost: $99

Course materials, which includes hands-on activities and discussion questions to complete.

Class Overview

  • Macro Basics
  • Find and Replace
  • Introduction to Visual Basic
  • Formatting a Word Document
  • Find and Replace Macros
  • Comments
  • Combining Macros
  • Advanced Macros



I signed up for April Michelle Davis’s 8-week macros course through the Editorial Freelancers Association because, as an editor and proofreader, I strive to be thorough and efficient. We started with learning and practicing basic find and replace tools, like wildcard searches, then moved on to learning a bit about Visual Basic and the building blocks of macros. In this way, April helped us develop a foundation for refining searches and creating our own macros. Word has a macro tool that is great for users looking to simplify repetitive tasks, but I’m the kind of person who likes to get under the hood and understand how things work. This class did exactly that!
Julie Klein,

April’s macros class was informative, thought-provoking, and full of knowledgeable tips. Her method of infusing theoretical questions with routine check-ins for her students proved to be effective both during and after the course. Along with her useful feedback during forums, April’s methods as an instructor encouraged students to apply our knowledge and newly-found skills to the assignments and (in the future) to our own workloads.
Macros 101 Student