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Types of Editors

May 12th, 2022 in Tools by April Michelle Davis. Read More » 0

When searching for an editor, keep in mind that journal editors and book editors have different skill sets. Be sure you choose the editor that fits your publication type. Typically, academic journals have strict conformity rules. The articles are shaped to a specific format, and the editing is usually done on a tight deadline. Journal […]

Freelance Services

April 14th, 2022 in EI News by April Michelle Davis. Read More » 0

There are a variety of services that freelance professionals can offer. Sometimes, clients contacting these professionals do not know exactly what services their manuscripts really need. Therefore, freelance professionals need to be knowledgeable in services, including those they do not offer, so they can educate and direct the client to the appropriate professional. In Editing […]

Marketing Strategies

March 10th, 2022 in EI News by April Michelle Davis. Read More » 0

Cold calling can be a great way to find new clients. Often, publishers respect the fact that you took the time to look them up and make contact. When cold calling, be sure to introduce yourself and give your area of expertise. Then simply ask if that publisher hires freelancers. If the answer is yes, […]


January 13th, 2022 in Tools by April Michelle Davis. Read More » 0

As there are choices with everything in life, there are also choices in the type of dictionary you own. There are two types of dictionaries, and each serves a separate purpose and audience, though few readers know that they are being served differently. Originally, dictionaries were prescriptive. They focused on the correct usage of the […]

Indexing Skills

December 9th, 2021 in Tools by April Michelle Davis. Read More » 0

How often do you contemplate the index when you pick up a book? We certainly use indexes, but how many of us really think about the mechanics of designing the index specifically for the book? And that someone constructed and wrote the index? Creating the index for a book has its challenges. The indexer decides […]

Managing the Business Side of a Business

November 14th, 2019 in EI News by April Michelle Davis. Read More » 0

Business owners need a reliable program to keep all of their business information in one place. When I began freelancing, I used Microsoft Excel. But to track my projects and payments, I quickly found the program had limitations when I missed receiving a payment in August but hadn’t noticed it until I was doing my […]


March 22nd, 2018 in EI News by April Michelle Davis. Read More » 0

April Michelle Davis and Editorial Inspirations are proud to present EZRA (Easy Relationship Application), a program that my IT staff developed at my direction to meet the needs of small businesses, to exceed the expectations of freelancers, to house all of the business information in one place, and to be reliable. EZRA holds information about clients, […]

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