Indexing 101

Indexing 101: The Fundamentals

Have you thought about learning to index books? Have you written a book and are thinking about indexing the book yourself? Do you index books but would like a refresher course? In this class, we will cover the fundamentals and theory of indexing. Once those items are understood, we will put our new-found knowledge into practice by indexing a portion of a book.

This is a seven-section email correspondence course where participants work one-on-one with April Michelle Davis, a professional indexer with over 10 years’ experience.

Upon registration, participants will be invited to join the Editorial Inspirations LinkedIn group where they can discuss the course and the publishing industry, find out about publishing-related jobs, and more.

Editorial Inspirations offers this specialized class designed for those who are in the indexing industry (or who want to become freelance indexers). Add the course to your résumé, strengthen your skills, and learn how to run your indexing business like a professional.

Cost: $249

Course materials with exceptional reference materials, which includes hands-on activities and discussion questions to complete.

Class Overview

  • Writing an Index
  • Organizing the Index
  • Setting up an Index Entry
  • Editing the Index
  • Dealing with Content
  • Working with Electronic Tools
  • Becoming the Total Professional

Required Text
A Guide for the Freelance Indexer

April Michelle Davis will review the rough draft of an index you wrote and give you feedback (good through one year from course registration).



Your course taught me more about indexing than I figured there was to learn.
Herbert Swett

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