Editing 101

Editing 101: The Fundamentals of Copyediting

Revised! Editing 101 now includes more on organizing and managing your business!

This is a correspondence course where participants work one-on-one with April Michelle Davis, a professional editor with over 15 years’ experience. There are seven sections within this course, and many sections have self-graded exercises and instructor-graded exercises.

Upon registration, participants will be invited to join the Editorial Inspirations LinkedIn group where they can discuss the course and the publishing industry, find out about publishing-related jobs, and more.

Editorial Inspirations offers this specialized class designed for those who are in the editing industry (or who want to become freelance editors). This hands-on, interactive class will provide detailed discussions about the field, editing skills, and the business and IT requirements necessary to succeed. Add the course to your résumé, strengthen your skills, and learn how to run your editing business like a professional.

Listen to the class introduction or to an excerpt from the live class.

Cost: $249


Course binder with exceptional reference materials, which includes hands-on worksheets to complete for self-graded and instructor-graded exercises. (View the table of contents.)

Class Overview

A pretest covering editing and grammar will be emailed upon registration. Participants return the test to the instructor for grading.

Course Topics
• Publishing Industry Overview
• Editing Resources
• Marking Copy
• Author’s Voice
• Intellectual Property
• Professional Correspondence
• Client Relationships
• Freelancing

Required Texts
Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition


After the seven lessons have been completed and graded, if the post-test is completed and submitted, April Michelle Davis will provide a recommendation on LinkedIn.

April Michelle Davis will review the first 10 pages of your first editing job and give you feedback (good through one year from course registration).


I felt it was time for a refresher, and it was worth every penny. Sometimes it helps for us to refresh our skills, even when we think we’re experts. I learned a lot.
Cheryl Landes, Technical Writer/Editor and Indexer

As a former English teacher just beginning his editing/critiquing business, I thought I knew it all, or at least remembered most of it. Editing 101 not only re-enforced what I remember and reminded me of what I had forgotten, but also taught me much as well. I look forward to taking your Editing 102 workshop.
L. Boyd Lucas

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