April Michelle shares her publishing knowledge and skills in a variety of ways.

Professional services are the contracted editing, indexing, and proofreading work available to publishers, agents, and authors.

April Michelle also is an experienced speaker, who tailors presentations to groups and organizations based on specific topics and needs.
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April Michelle’s passion for the industry overflows into the ways she fashions and teaches her classes:

  • Editing 101: The Fundamentals of Copyediting, a comprehensive course designed especially for freelance editors to provide them with the foundation for succeeding in the industry
  • Grammar 101, a comprehensive review course covering parts of speech, punctuation, spelling, and more
  • Indexing 101: The Fundamentals, a review of the fundamentals and theory of indexing, offering hands-on learning by indexing a portion of a book
  • Macros 101, a fundamental course to teach or expand your macro skills, teaching you how to maximize your time by putting those repetitive tasks in a macro, allowing you to push one button and they all be done

All three courses, inspired and conceived by April Michelle, are available as distance-learning courses.