Wastewater Microbiology

November 6th, 2014 in Featured Titles by April Michelle Davis 0
Wastewater Microbiology - Indexed

Wastewater Microbiology – Indexed

Wastewater Microbiology focuses on microbial contaminants found in wastewater, methods of detection for these contaminants, and methods of cleansing water of microbial contamination. This classic reference has now been updated to focus more exclusively on issues particular to wastewater, with new information on fecal contamination and new molecular methods. The book features new ways to determine cell viability/activity in environmental samples; a new section on bacterial spores as indicators; new information covering disinfection byproducts, UV disinfection, and photoreactivation; and much more.

I was hired to write the index for this 800+-page book in 6 weeks, which may prove challenging for many indexers. However, I greatly enjoyed working on this book and learning about the subject matter.