ValueMatch™ Selling for Home Builders: How to Sell What Matters Most

August 9th, 2018 in Business & Money by April Michelle Davis 0

ValueMatch Selling – Edited

Proven, powerful, and effective, ValueMatch™ listening skills will help you open the door to your prospective home buyers’ emotional need to buy a new home. With ValueMatch™ Selling for Home Builders, you will learn how to build rapport with prospective home buyers, learn about their needs, make powerful presentations that are focused on their values, and go for the close. This book provides practical applications that can be used by the rookie or seasoned veteran. Nowell’s emphasis on questioning strategies and listening skills helps salespeople build relationships with potential customers by helping to find a home to match the prospective buyer’s specific needs.

April Michelle Davis spent three weeks editing this manuscript and preparing it for publication. She knows that editing manuscripts requires analytical skills that publishers expect of editors. April Michelle took the lead and was steadfast in her work to keep the project on its schedule.