Training Design and Delivery

December 10th, 2015 in Business & Money by April Michelle Davis 0

Training Design and Delivery – Edited

Trainers are always on the lookout for a quick, easy-to-use guide to help them through the process of designing, producing, implementing, delivering, and evaluating training programs. Training Design & Delivery is intended to be that simple, single-source guide for every trainer, training manager, and even the occasional trainer. Author Geri McArdle provides an easy-to-understand 20-step training system model, along with dozens of useful standard forms and client memorandums, step-by-step methodology checklists, and other job aids. It features a comprehensive trainer’s toolkit that provides tips and techniques on subjects ranging from internal consulting to course construction, to games and retention exercises. After reading this book you will be able to answer the three most critical questions facing any training professional: What content should be included? How should the material be taught and delivered? How can you ensure that the training is working?

April Michelle worked with the author to developmental edit this manuscript. Together, they reorganized chapters and sections within the chapters. Once this was completed, April Michelle copyedited the manuscript, preparing it for the publisher.