The Yield

March 21st, 2019 in Featured Titles by April Michelle Davis 0
The Yield – Proofread

Join The Land columnist Susan Peterson Johnson on a journey through personal and spiritual trials. In this compilation of spiritual articles originally published in The Land magazine, Susan dares to openly and honestly share the experiences of family life on a farm, adoption, nursing a soul mate through an accelerated case of Alzheimer’s, and finding the strength to love again. The Yield, a heartfelt memoir, will inspire readers to consider their own strength, resilience, and moments of transformation and will hopefully leave them with the belief that in life’s journey, love truly does conquer all.

April Michelle Davis was selected to perform the final step in the editing process before this manuscript went to print. A responsibility some professionals would not want to accept, yet April Michelle took on this task knowing the author and publisher depended on her expertise in this area. April Michelle proofread this book in PDF format and reviewed the pages for errors in type as well as in design.