The Sick Bug

July 12th, 2018 in Picture Books by April Michelle Davis 0

The Sick Bug – Proofread

In this delightful and amusing story, little Tess doesn’t feel well. When her Mom says she has ”a bug,” Tess becomes concerned, believing that she may have an actual insect inside her body. Mom goes on to clarify that Tess’s type of bug is a ”sick bug,” and she gives fun and imaginative descriptions of the creatures, explains how they affect a little one’s body, and, most importantly, advises how to get rid of them.

The Sick Bug is a timeless story that will appeal to children and adults alike. The clever rhyming dialogue between a mother and daughter captures a child’s wide-eyed innocence and endless imagination, as well as the patience and empathy of a parent comforting a sick one. The Sick Bug is a whimsical tale complete with vivid and captivating illustrations that bring the ”sick bugs” and their bug world to life. At the same time, it leaves readers with a simple but true message for how to get better. Sure to bring a smile even when under the weather!

April Michelle Davis worked with the publisher to proofread this manuscript. She completed the proofread of this rhyming book within a week to keep this wonderful project on schedule.