The Savvy Manager

May 11th, 2017 in Business & Money by April Michelle Davis 0

Managing people effectively is difficult, and the best practitioners understand that it is more art than science. The Savvy Manager embraces this notion while challenging readers to develop five core strengths all great managers possess. According to the authors, savvy managers self-manage (recognize their own core values), reflect (quietly contemplate and think without judgment), act consciously (wisely choose their actions), collaborate (extend respect to all employees), and evolve (constantly grow and learn). To help you on this learning journey, the authors provide valuable signage including real-time case studies, tips in the form of savvy translation, use it or lose it, and reflection sidebars. Supplied are dozens of worksheets, exercises, and a companion website to help put what you learn into action.

April Michelle Davis wrote the index for this book in the three weeks allotted by the publisher. April Michelle has worked with this publisher on other management book projects. This connection allowed for less communication needed and the past experience lended to ease of locating the jargon the audience would look for in the index.