The Old Schoolhouse Reviews A Princess in Disguise

May 3rd, 2018 in EI News by April Michelle Davis 0

A Princess in Disguise is a delightfully written book by April Michelle Davis with references to young adult development. April Michelle’s book was reviewed by The Old Schoolhouse in June 2017.


“A Princess in Disguise is the tale of a young princess who must discover her identity and is compelled to unravel the mysteries surrounding her childhood years before crossing the threshold into the responsibilities of adulthood. Author April Michelle Davis began writing this captivating 141-page paperback book when she was just a young lady herself in middle school.

“In this tale, Princess Margaret, the oldest of three triplet girls, has always been a spirited young lady who challenged the confines of her royal upbringing and the rules set by her father, the king. On the day of her sixteenth birthday, when her father is to publicly announce who he has chosen for each of the princesses to marry, Margaret decides to escape the palace and run away on her own adventure. She seeks to find her mother, who left the palace shortly after the birth of the triplets.

“The main body of the book details the experience of Princess Margaret while she is on her journey to distant lands in search of her mother. Through many significant hardships and with the providential help of a peasant friend, she quickly matures and discovers the truth of her own distinctive purpose. The book ends unexpectedly with several surprise twists. Ultimately, Princess Margaret successfully fulfills her mission, and pleases her father, the king, while attempting to restore previously decimated relationships.”


A Princess in Disguise is a fairy tale about young Princess Margaret, who is uncomfortable with the royal lifestyle she is living and the expected destiny of a princess. Being an independent young lady who challenges her father, the king, when their beliefs differ, Princess Margaret runs away from the palace before her father announces who she will marry. Princess Margaret goes looking for her mother, the queen, who left the palace after Princess Margaret was born; she yearns to understand why her mother would leave her.  During this journey, which includes traveling to foreign lands, facing daily hardships, gaining strength through friendships, learning about the people she will someday lead and the woman she is becoming, Princess Margaret realizes that she can be true to herself while being respectful of others and still make the right decision based on the entire situation and all the information given. April Michelle Davis’s A Princess in Disguise is available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.