The Buccaneer of Nemaris

November 1st, 2012 in Featured Titles by April Michelle Davis 0

The Buccaneer of Nemaris – Proofread

The Nemaris Islands have been avoided for centuries. Those who have adventured upon its inviting shores have fought to escape. The few fortunate survivors have returned with stories of great treasure, but also frightful demons, terrible wizards, and tricky traps. Innocent of the ways of the world and the mysteries that lie beyond his sleepy harbor town, young Thomas DeLeuit will follow the path of the father he has never known. As a cabin boy in the Centra Sea, he searches for his legacy . . . a legacy filled with magic, myths, demons, and greed.

As the proofreader of The Buccaneer of Nemaris, one book from the series, I did not know more about the plot other than what was revealed in this book. However, this did not affect the quality of the proofreading I was able to provide and led me to question some elements of the manuscript that the author corrected.