Talent Management

October 4th, 2012 in Business & Money by April Michelle Davis 0

Talent Management – Indexed

Use Talent Management as your road map to cultivate an integrated approach to managing all aspects of an organization that have to do with people. Talent management is a business imperative, necessary to create a highly responsive, high-performance, sustainable organization that meets its business targets. Put the experience, insights, and best practices of Cisco, McDonald’s, Avon, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Ciena, and Liberty Mutual to work for you, and discover how to make the most of all your people, not just your executives.

While indexing a book such as Talent Management and analyzing its text to determine the words and phrases to be included in the index, I also make note of manuscript errors. These errors should be addressed by the proofreader, but an additional review of the manuscript can prove helpful to having a final product with fewer errors.