Speak for a Living

December 8th, 2016 in Business & Money by April Michelle Davis 0
Speak for a Living - Indexed

Speak for a Living – Indexed

In Speak for a Living, Anne Bruce gives you the inside scoop so you will know what the pros know! Evaluate your aspirations and qualifications—and get a glimpse of the realities of the professional speaking lifestyle. Get tools to navigate the field and the life-changing opportunities ahead. Advice, conversations, and tips from successful speakers will help you learn critical success elements, how to find a niche and strike it rich, how to market yourself, and how to sharpen your presentation skills.

April Michelle Davis completed writing the index for this book in less than two weeks. She was able to do this for this client because she had worked on many of this publisher’s books in this same genre and, therefore, knew the terminology and the vocabulary to look for. With her already knowing the audience for this book, and knowing what the audience would likely look for in the index, April Michelle was able to write the index and keep this book on the publisher’s schedule.