Solar Cells and Their Applications

October 9th, 2014 in Engineering & Transportation by April Michelle Davis 0
Solar Cells and Their Applications - Indexed

Solar Cells and Their Applications – Indexed

In this updated edition of Solar Cells and Their Applications, feed-in tariffs are identified as the most effective approach for public policy. Reasons are provided to explain why pin solar cells outperform more traditional solar cells. Field test data are reported for 19% pin solar cells and for ~500X concentrating systems with bare cell efficiencies approaching 40%. Paths to bare cell efficiencies over 50% are described, and key missing program elements are identified. Since government support is needed for new technology prototype integration and qualification testing before manufacturing scale up, the key economic measure is identified in this volume as the electricity cost in cents per kilowatt-hour at the complete installed system level, rather than just the up-front solar cell modules’ costs in dollars per watt.

I exceeded the client’s indexing expectations for this technical, 550+-page book. I was given one month to write the index. I met this deadline and went a step further. I not only provided the client with a well-written index, but I also provided the client with a list of the errors that I found in the manuscript while writing the index, which equated to a light proofread of the manuscript at no additional charge.