Soda Jerk Wizard

August 3rd, 2023 in Featured Titles by April Michelle Davis 0

Soda Jerk Wizard – Copyedited

Prepare yourself for a hilarious, adventurous romp through the herky-jerky 1950s—the era of Elvis, the bop, poodle skirts, and the magical, coming-of-age journey of high school junior, jokester, and aspiring kid magician Mikey Moran, who leaves his mundane world to become the new soda jerk in a wacky Richmond, Virginia, neighborhood drugstore. There, he encounters a menagerie of quirky characters destined to change his life forever; Old Doc, the drugstore’s wily owner, the Italian Mafiosi, and his southern fried belle, a soft-shoe dancing encyclopedia salesman, mind readers, carnival workers, magicians, his football player rival, and the girl of his dreams. In Soda Jerk Wizard, Mikey’s life is complicated by his escalating prankster behavior, and serious troubles begin when he attends a spooky séance and uses Houdini-like techniques to expose the Indian mystic as a fraud and shuts down the event. In quick succession, he loses his father to cancer, his sweetheart abruptly moves away without a promise of return, and Mikey is then shocked to discover that his actions at the séance have caused the immigrant’s family to become destitute. To right this terrible wrong, he assembles a team of zany drug store associates, and with the magic learned from his uncle, “The Amazing Le Roy,” he creates an incredible stage show entertainment starring the Indian with superhuman powers of memory. Will Mikey extricate himself from some seriously dangerous life-threatening behavior? Can he avoid the sadistic attack from his football nemesis and rekindle his romantic relationship with his one true love? Not before thwarting some formidable foes with his laugh-out-loud pranks, magical abilities, perseverance, and sheer guts that will dramatically alter his life and those around him.

April Michelle Davis copyedited this manuscript. She reviewed the manuscript at the clause level, checking thematic organization at paragraph and sentence levels and checking for consistencies, errors, and omissions. With each copyedit that April Michelle performs, she also checks basic spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and word usage. In addition, April Michelle assisted the author with formatting and self-publishing this book on KDP. April Michelle Davis enjoys working with authors throughout the many facets of the publishing process!