Ruby’s Tale

December 5th, 2013 in Featured Titles by April Michelle Davis 0
Ruby's Tale - Copyedited

Ruby’s Tale – Copyedited

Found like unwanted trash in an abandoned house, Ruby grew up to achieve the impossible! In Ruby’s Tale, the reader will learn that Ruby is a service dog and a veteran of stage plays and has worked at a radio station as a co-host and appeared in newspapers around the world. Readers will meet the fascinating people, celebrities, and dogs Ruby has worked with, lived with, and helped along the way, and readers will wait with Ruby and her family in the blistering South Dakota sun when the motor home breaks down, only to wish they hadn’t been rescued when they see the tow truck operators. When Ruby traveled to Hollywood to appear on The Bonnie Hunt Show, she had a driver, a limo, and a four-star hotel . . . not bad for a little dog nobody wanted. But Ruby found that all that glitters was not gold, and then cancer came calling. With help from an angel, Ruby rallied her indomitable spirit to survive. Ruby’s story has it all: fun, gritty drama, high emotion, excitement, anger, laughter, and betrayal. It is a story that will leave adoptive pet parents cheering.

April Michelle Davis worked with the author to copyedit this book. She preserved the author’s voice and concept while perfecting the manuscript, which made the author proud.