Royal C. Moore: The Man Who Built the Streetcar Boats

September 1st, 2022 in Featured Titles by April Michelle Davis 0

Royal C. Moore – Indexed

Tragedy buried the life story of Royal C. Moore, an early Minnesota business giant, until the relatively recent raising and restoration of the Minnehaha, a 1906 Moore-designed and constructed streetcar boat. For lovers of vintage wooden boats,¬†Royal C. Moore: The Man Who Built the Streetcar Boats¬†rings to the forefront one of the Midwest’s most prolific wooden-boat builders.

For lovers of lakes and boats of all stripes, the volume reveals a deeper layer of understanding of the US heartland’s nautical history. The book provides never before seen photographs, and narratives of people, life, and business on the shores of Lake Minnetonka in the half century between 1879 and 1930. The chronicle of Moore Boat Works’ ambitious owner, the hundreds of boats he imagined, designed, and manufactured, and his drive to push ahead in spite of adversity will cause you to probe your long-held beliefs about the hopes, dreams, and motivations of generations past.

April Michelle Davis wrote the index for this book. In the index, she included names of people and important events that were within the pages of this book. Writing an index is something that a professional indexer needs to do, not a computer, because the computer cannot examine the context to determine what should be included in the index and then write it in such a way to be user friendly.