Road to Omalos

April 4th, 2013 in Featured Titles by April Michelle Davis 0
Road to Omalos - Proofread

Road to Omalos – Proofread

Crack investigator Claire Caswell and legendary Miami–Dade State Attorney Gaston “Guy” Lombard once again merge their acclaimed talents to tackle the most elusive of criminals. This time, when a gun-wielding man barges into the office of Caswell & Lombard, Private Investigation, the case takes the investigators from the steamy city of Miami Beach to Crete—the Greek island of romance and mystique. Arriving in Crete, the sleuths begin to track down the infamously dangerous target of their search. Unbeknownst to Claire and Guy, a group of merciless vigilantes also hunts for the same man . . . but for a very different purpose. Road to Omalos, with its rich throng of characters and colorful cultural history, interlaces a powerful tale of suspense, enchantment, and murder, as the search for a sociopathic criminal pegs the investigators and the vigilantes against each other in a perilous race to final justice.

Because this author had written several books before this one, with these same characters, the author was very hands on throughout the publishing process. Once she reviewed my suggested changes, she requested a follow-up phone conversation where she verified the accuracy of some of the changes, asked the importance of others, and questioned some additional changes to improve her book. I was happy to oblige. This book is the author’s baby, and together we made sure it turned out great!