Pricing Optimization: Striking the Right Balance for Margin Advantage

July 4th, 2024 in Business & Money by April Michelle Davis 0

Pricing Optimization – Copyedited

Forward-thinking wholesaler-distributors who strive for above-average returns in the “New Normal” by leveraging pricing optimization best practices that are rooted in sound analytics must read Pricing Optimization: Striking the Right Balance for Margin Advantage!

The time has come for distributors to address their concerns about shrinking margins by upping their game on pricing decisions. If distributors keep doing more with less, they’ll soon find themselves doing everything with nothing! The issue of margin erosion will never end if distributors do not get creative—first with their pricing methods, and second with their value proposition. Issues involving pricing methods are more critical to profitability and so should be tackled right away.

April Michelle Davis spent two months working with the authors to copyedit this manuscript, implement requested changes, and prepare it for publication.