Parents! Get Your Head in the Game

September 6th, 2012 in Motivational & Religious by April Michelle Davis 0

Parents! Get Your Head in the Game – Proofread & Indexed

Parenting is by far the most difficult, but important, job you’ll ever have. If you are a parent, or considering becoming one, this book offers great insight and guidance. This is a no-nonsense, practical, easy read to assist parents in dealing with tough issues. These are real problems reported to the author by real parents over the course of 28 years, including

  • sleep issues
  • potty training
  • eating habits
  • tantrums
  • separation anxiety
  • school performance
  • friendship
  • puberty
  • peer pressure
  • sex
  • drugs
  • internet safety.

The author, Terri McCarthy, has worked with thousands of children and their parents as a school counselor. She is also a parenting consultant and mother of three. Terri has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly side of parenting and family struggles. Step-by-step solutions are offered that have been proven effective for parents that have implemented these strategies. The book also includes user-friendly charts, contracts, and references.

For Parents! Get Your Head in the Game, I performed two services: proofreading and indexing. The proofreading required for this manuscript was not typical of most books. However, once the errors were corrected, the index was a better product and the published book was much more friendly for the reader.