No Magic Bullet

July 18th, 2019 in Business & Money by April Michelle Davis 0
No Magic Bullet

Chances are you’ve tried many of the latest management fads in the hope that they’ll give you a quick fix for troubling performance issues in your organization.

But there’s a problem: those quick fixes don’t bring effective long-term change. As emotionally appealing as the latest “magic bullet” theory may be, it’s unlikely to address an important reality in most organizations: complexity. Change needs to be made in a logical, systemic way at different levels to be successful and sustainable. In No Magic Bullet: Seven Steps to Better Performance, author Joe Willmore delivers seven steps to help you create serious performance improvements in your organization. His approach includes techniques and tips that help you:

  • Understand why quick fixes don’t work
  • Avoid “management fashion” fads
  • Figure out if your organization thinks systemically
  • Identify outstanding performers and start learning from them
  • Focus on what really matters.

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