Never Finished…Just Begun: A Narrative History of L.B. Sharp and Outdoor Education

April 12th, 2018 in Featured Titles by April Michelle Davis 0

Never Finished Just Begun – Proofread

Lloyd Burgess Sharp, affectionately called L. B. by those who knew him best, was a pioneer in outdoor education long before the term became commonly known (and coined by Sharp himself). Beginning his career with Life Magazine’s Fresh Air Farms in the early 1900s, L. B. transformed youth camping programs from what had previously been militaristic, oppressive, and punitive to a focus on providing educational, nurturing, and small group camping experiences for youth across the United States. Spanning the decades from his birth in 1895 to his passing in 1963, Never Finished . . . Just Begun presents L. B.’s remarkable career accomplishments, as told by his friends and associates, and the many ways in which his leadership inspired them all.

April Michelle Davis worked directly with the publisher and proofread the manuscript. April Michelle completed this project within one week, which kept the book on the publisher’s schedule and kept the book’s costs within the author’s budget.