Lee and Lea Publishing Features Author April Michelle Davis

August 27th, 2020 in EI News by April Michelle Davis 0

April Michelle Davis and her young adult chapter book, A Princess in Disguise, were selected by Lee and Lea Publishing to be a featured author. A Princess in Disguise is geared toward elementary school age students. The girls have been relating to Princess Margaret and the boys gravitating toward Huntley.

The book tells the adventures of a young princess who lives in a castle with her father, the king, and her two sisters, Princess Margaret is a triplet, then before her father announces who she will marry, Princess Margaret runs away. Her burning desire to turn her passion for her people into ways to provide  better for them, but first she must truly understand herself by finding her mother who Princess Margaret believes has the answers. The combination of new life lessons and the passion for the people produces an atmosphere of learning for Princess Margaret and the readers of the book.

Studies show that only 12% of grade school kids talk to their parents. Parents are always teaching whether intentional or not. April Michelle created coloring pages about her book. Younger children enjoy discovering the importance of the picture as it relates to the chapter and the older children enjoy the challenge of looking for the quote in the chapter. With this book becoming more popular as a fun but education text, April Michelle wrote discussion questions for each chapter.

Be intentional in what you teach to your children and let A Princess in Disguise be a helpmate.