Leaders for Tomorrow

January 11th, 2018 in Business & Money by April Michelle Davis 0

Leaders for Tomorrow – Proofread

Our world today offers a host of new challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, we see an emerging global knowledge economy fed by an unprecedented investment in network technologies and the unleashing of human creativity in all fields. On the other hand, we also face significant challenges: economic disparity, global warming, education inadequacies, and global financial service failures. When we encounter these problems, the future feels insecure.

Emerging leaders will need to deal with these confusing realities and set a course for the future. Leadership thinking of previous eras created today’s challenges, but that thinking won’t solve them. Your leaders need to engage in different conversations. Conversations designed to cause the emergence of new ideas and new processes capable of delivering on the promise of this new era. Are you having the conversations you need to have to prepare your leaders for tomorrow?

April Michelle Davis worked directly with the publisher to prepare Leaders for Tomorrow for publication. She proofread the manuscript in one week and kept the book on its publication schedule.