Grandpa’s Insights to Life

March 1st, 2012 in Featured Titles by April Michelle Davis 0

Grandpa’s Insights to Life – Copyedited

Grandpa’s Insights to Life is a collection of challenging insights with many plainspoken truths about the personal choices and experiences people have or will encounter. Intended as a philosophical encyclopedia, it encompasses a collection of true-to-life experiences and problem-solving choices of the author, who has been where others are destined to go. The author embraces the doctrine that an inspiring principle will endure forever, and if there is a lesson to be learned from these insights, it is in the knowledge that at the core of everything people ever hope to accomplish lies a valuable rule of conduct; it’s an indispensable code with the power to govern a person’s journey through life on a path of wisdom with no misgivings. Great accomplishments come down to one thing more than any other—making the right choice. May this timeless collection of inspiring thoughts serve as a valuable road map. After all, how can people expect to win in the race for a better life when they have yet to learn the guidelines for making their run?

While copyediting this manuscript, I engaged in several philosophical conversations with the author. They were enjoyable and inspiring—even if we didn’t always agree. In this book, the author discusses topics such as family values, love, leadership, marriage, education, parenting, and respect.