Good Fat or Low Fat: What’s Right for Health & Weight Loss

April 7th, 2022 in Featured Titles by April Michelle Davis 0

What’s healthier? The olive oil-rich Mediterranean Diet or the low-fat, plant-based diet followed by former president and heart patient Bill Clinton? Does the Paleo diet help answer the question of good fat versus low fat? Is high saturated fat coconut oil really healthful?

Good Fat or Low Fat provides an easy-to-understand, science-based assessment of these and other important topics in healthful eating and weight management.

“Healthful” is explored in terms of multiple factors, including weight, inflammation and oxidation, cholesterol and blood pressure, blood sugars and cognitive brain function.

The report also provides five tips for using healthy oils, plus the very important six rules for keeping good fats healthy.

April Michelle Davis copyedited this report, preparing it for publication as a health resource. She ensured consistency within the report to reflect well of the author so that the information would be shared accurately with others.