Fredericksburg Fall Fairy Festival

April 15th, 2021 in EI News by April Michelle Davis 0

April Michelle Davis and her young adult book A Princess in Disguise were well received by fairies, princesses, princes, and gnomes at the Fredericksburg Fall Fairy Festival on September 29, 2018.¬† Children dressed in their favorite fairy costumes danced up to April Michelle’s table to hear April Michelle share a passage out of her book and offer her specially designed¬† coloring sheets to them as she told them about the illustration and the quote and challenged them to find it in the appropriate chapter within the book. Parents smiled as they watched their children responding to the enthusiasm that April Michelle shared with them for her love of reading. April Michelle personally autographed her book at the festival. And you can purchase your own autographed copy of her book!

Book Synopsis:

On the night of her sixteenth birthday and before her father has the chance to force her to marry a complete stranger, Princess Margaret sneaks away from the riches and safety of the palace. Torn between her fate and freedom, Princess Margaret desperately goes looking for her mother as the answer. In a quest of soul searching and physical hardships, the twist of events may take the readers by surprise, instilling a piece of the story in their hearts.