March 22nd, 2018 in EI News by April Michelle Davis 0


April Michelle Davis and Editorial Inspirations are proud to present EZRA (Easy Relationship Application),

a program that my IT staff developed at my direction to meet the needs of small businesses, to exceed the expectations of freelancers, to house all of the business information in one place, and to be reliable. EZRA holds information about clients, expenses (with the IRS categories), car mileage, project estimates, projects, and miscellaneous revenue.

When I began freelancing, I used Microsoft Excel to house my business information. I quickly found that program had limitations when it came to tracking my projects and payments, and this is why we created EZRA.

Now, I use EZRA to generate invoices for clients, and when I am ready to save the invoices as a PDF, the Editorial Inspirations’ company information and logo automatically prefills, creating a consistent and professional look.

The additional functions of EZRA allow me to easily run reports to see income earned and projected or projects for a specific point in time or client, or both. And at the end of the year, I can generate reports to be given to my tax advisor.

EZRA runs in Microsoft Access and is now available for lease. Upon signing up for the database, the program will be customized with your company’s header for estimates and invoices, as well as access to the additional options.

Let EZRA assist your company and help to eliminate tax-time hassles!