Energize Your Training

February 7th, 2013 in Business & Money by April Michelle Davis 0
Energize Your Training - Indexed

Energize Your Training – Indexed

Trainers are always looking for new and more effective ways to gain and hold the attention of their learners, and Energize Your Training is chock-full of proven tips and strategies from master trainer Robert W. Lucas. This book provides hundreds of quick ideas that will get participants engaged and primed for learning from uncovering learner needs to creating stimulating environments to managing time and groups to using powerful learning aids and more. This comprehensive resource provides concepts and solutions for every aspect of training delivery, covering environmental features such as the organization of the room; learner characteristics such as learning modalities, multiple intelligences, and generational and cultural differences; facilitation techniques that enable readers to energize and manage their classrooms; and learning aids that range from the basic to the technologically advanced.

Indexing a book like this is a lot of fun for me because I have a personal interest in the material. I am writing an excellent index for this book and its audience, and I am learning some great information from this book because I, too, provide training.