EI Teaches Simplify Word with Macros

April 7th, 2016 in EI News by April Michelle Davis 0

Simplify Word with Macros is the course taught by April Michelle Davis who is the Virginia Chapter Coordinator of EFA and the founder and owner of Editorial Inspirations. The eight-week course, taught October 27–December 15, 2015, and on the horizons of 2016, is manageable and the proper length to learn and form the good habit of combining repetitive tasks into one function. The course helped the participants accomplish their New Year’s resolutions to work more efficiently and strike a better balance between work and family life. Using the course take-a-ways maximized the participants’ time. The participants’ creative juices flowed as they switched between the different ways to create macros that April Michelle taught them.

Joining online courses is convenient for the participants and cuts out travel time and expenses and allows the participants to work on equipment that is familiar to them.