EI Offers New Indexing Course

April 18th, 2013 in EI News by April Michelle Davis 0

April Michelle Davis catered an online course, Indexing Basics, offered through the Editorial Freelancers Association, from February 21 to March 21, to eighteen individuals interested in learning more about indexing and in refreshing their indexing skills. The coursework covered the fundamentals and theory of indexing. As a bonus and to reinforce participant understanding of the material, the participants worked one-on-one with April Michelle, a master in the indexing profession, putting into practice the learned skills by indexing a portion of a book.

The demand of April Michelle’s courses is proof that these skills are sought after by professionals and transfer into a respectful-paying job.

The success of this hands-on learning experience is accredited to April Michelle’s leadership and expertise and in the indexing profession. April Michelle showcases her talents in this field as the chair-elect (soon to be chair) and the webmaster of the Mid- and South-Atlantic Chapter for the American Society for Indexing; in a recently published book, The Guide for the Freelance Indexer (Editorial Freelancers Association, 2012); in the articles she writes for Key Words, the American Society for Indexing publication, and for The Atlantic Indexer, the Mid- and South-Atlantic Chapter’s newsletter; and by teaching indexing courses and offering one-on-one training through Editorial Inspirations and other organizations.

Indexing Basics is a condensed version of Indexing 101, which April Michelle offers through Editorial Inspirations.