EI at Williamsburg Book Festival

January 1st, 2015 in EI News by April Michelle Davis 0
Williamsburg Book Festival 2014

Williamsburg Book Festival 2014

April Michelle Davis led the first workshop, Working with an Editor: The Editorial Process, at the Williamsburg Book Festival, a free festival that features a book fair of authors and a series of seminars and workshops.

Throughout the event, there were a series of free workshops and panels open to the authors and the public. After her workshop and for the remainder of the event, April Michelle was available to the authors and attendees of the event to answer questions and provide guidance on editing issues and to coach authors on how effectively to design their book covers. Several of the authors were impressed by April Michelle’s experience and knowledge that they requested to be added as recipients of her monthly newsletter. One of the authors wanted to better understand how editors charge for projects and found April Michelle’s explanation fair and equitable for both the author and the editor.

The Williamsburg Book Festival is an annual event that you may begin to plan for by seeking professional advice from April Michelle.