Crash and Learn

June 11th, 2015 in Business & Money by April Michelle Davis 0


For every trainer, presenter, or facilitator who’s ever “lost” an audience or had the nagging sense he or she missed the mark, Crash and Learn is part handbook and part inspiration. Motivational speaker and classroom guru Jim Smith Jr. covers just about every possible mistake a presenter can make and then offers readers positive and effective ways to remedy the situation. The more than 600 suggestions included in this volume cover all facets of classroom presentation mistakes from facilitation and room set-up mistakes to motivation, difficult participants, and audiovisual mistakes to storytelling and evaluation mistakes. Each of the lively and entertaining responses to these common mistakes known as “Jim’s Gems” offers the reader direct fixes that can be implemented immediately.

I wrote and edited the index for this 100+-page book in 10 days. This book was a challenge in that this book consisted of many suggestions for other trainers and was not written like a typical book. However, having written indexes for this client on numerous occasions, I knew the audience well, leading to a great final product.