Catholic Alcoholic

January 7th, 2021 in Featured Titles by April Michelle Davis 0

Catholic Alcoholic – Proofread

Alcoholism and Catholicism: both are paradoxes. They capture life and death. Joy and suffering. Faith and doubt. Compassion and abuse. Death and resurrection.

In this inspiring autobiographical work, Annetta Sutton takes her readers on a journey of pure redemption. Through the alcohol abuse present in her family, marriage, and career, Annetta bore witness to the disease’s devastating wrath. Yet, she chose to be an instrument of peace, to guide others in rising from the ashes. Told through vignettes of her life, Annetta’s interactions with addiction touch on themes of abuse, sexual violence, diversity of faith, parenting and families, and much more. Catholic Alcoholic: A Witness to Addiction and Redemption is a testament to the might and perseverance of the human spirit.

April Michelle Davis spent a week carefully proofreading this book immediately before publication. Proofreading is performed on a manuscript that has already been through developmental or copyediting and has already been laid out by a designer into page proofs. Proofreading provides a last review of egregious errors, such as basic grammar, punctuation, spelling, and inconsistencies, and any other errors that were inserted during the design process. April Michelle is a professional proofreader who possesses polished skills and years of skill and experience, which she draws on for the benefit of the author and publisher..