Call of the Blue J

September 14th, 2017 in Literature & Fiction by April Michelle Davis 0

Call of the Blue J – Proofread

It is 2008, and the presidential election is about to take place. Jared Justin Juhl, Jr., as ”4J,” is about ready to accept his party’s nomination for reelection in Indianapolis. His campaign takes a turn when he faces murder charges for killing Jennifer Blue, his staff aide during his 1980 senate campaign twenty-eight years earlier. DNA test results are the basis for solving this cold case.

A Constitutional crisis looms between the secret service and US Marshals, on 4J’s side, preventing his arrest for perceived political motivations, and local law enforcement, intent on arresting him. Both sides are empowered to arrest the other side’s members under the jurisdiction of each. Which side prevails in the crisis? Will 4J be found guilty of the murder with his DNA found at the scene?

April Michelle Davis proofread Call of the Blue J for the self-publishing company. April Michelle worked directly with the publisher at the direction of the author to finalize the manuscript for publication. April Michelle’s work was pleasing to both the author and the publisher as she met the publisher’s picklist and exceeded the author’s expectations for this book.