Book Signing at Takoma Park

July 6th, 2017 in EI News by April Michelle Davis 0

April Michelle Davis unveiled her recently published book A Princess in Disguise at the Takoma Park Book Fair on December 11, 2016. April Michelle was one of 35 authors representing many genres displayed throughout the pages of the books . The atmosphere surrounding April Michelle was electrifying as the public gathered around her table to listen anxiously as she told  how the early ideas for her book were brought to life through the many hours of  rewrites and sleepless nights that led up to the most intimate details being incorporated and the message directed to young women interlaced  within the pages. You too can share in the excitement and discovery of the processes at work by delving into the pages of this book. April Michelle’s book A Princess in Disguise is now available as both an ebook and a paperback and can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.