Big History and the Future of Humanity

February 16th, 2010 in Featured Titles by April Michelle Davis 0

Big History and the Future of Humanity presents a theoretical approach that makes big history available to general readers while revealing insights into what the future may hold. What is big history? Big history is placing human history within the history of life, Earth, and the universe.

I worked with author Fred Spier, who lives in the Netherlands, on editing this manuscript. Spier was an excellent author to work with. He responded to my edits and queries very quickly. And when he disagreed with my edits, he explained to me why he wanted to leave the text as such.

Like many books I work on, I learned a lot about the subject matter while editing the manuscript. But it didn’t end there! After the book was designed, I indexed it. Indexing a book requires reading the manuscript with a completely different mindset than reading a manuscript while editing it. While re-reading the manuscript in the new layout, I put the themes and ideas discussed throughout the book in an alphabetical listing to help readers locate the information quickly.