ASTD Learning System

September 4th, 2014 in Business & Money by April Michelle Davis 0
Proofread and Indexed

Proofread and Indexed

The ATD Learning System is the complete, self-directed study tool for individuals preparing for the ATD Certification Institute’s CPLP program. The ATD Learning System includes content and practice questions for each of the 10 Areas of Expertise (AOEs), a master glossary of terms, and the study guide for Groups which can be used by ATD chapters and others to form local and virtual study groups.

AOE 1:   Performance Improvement
AOE 2:   Instructional Design
AOE 3:   Training Delivery
AOE 4:   Learning Technologies
AOE 5:   Evaluating Learning Programs
AOE 6:   Managing Learning Programs
AOE 7:   Integrated Talent Management
AOE 8:   Coaching
AOE 9:   Knowledge Management
AOE 10: Change Management

In 2006, the Learning System was first developed, and I was hired to copyedit the entire program. Later, it was revised, and I was again hired to make those revisions, proofread the entire program, and write an index for each AOE, as well as compile a comprehensive index for the entire program. It was definitely a challenge with a lot of work and tight deadlines, but it was a fun one!