A Princess in Disguise Wins Award

December 6th, 2018 in EI News by April Michelle Davis 0

April Michelle Davis’s young adult book A Princess in Disguise was reviewed by Kathleen Lance of One Stop Fiction. And this review led to A Princess in Disguise receiving an award: The One Stop Fiction Book Award!

Lance’s interpretations were very similar to April Michelle’s, just expressed in different words, such as how Lance described the relationship between Princess Margaret and the emotion love.

Lance wrote, “Readers will appreciate [Margaret’s] courage in abandoning an arranged marriage to seek love. At first this is the love of her mother who disappeared when Margaret was just a baby. But, as Margaret comes to discover, love can include love for one’s country and people, love for a man, and love for the woman who, though not her mother, was always there for her. This important lesson if given through Margaret’s adventures on Huntley’s ship and through her increasing awareness of the world around her. Ms. Davis has given readers a lesson without actually teaching.”

Lance truly understands April Michelle’s special messages that are intertwined in the pages of her book A Princess in Disguise. Through growth and maturity, Margaret experiences the many facets of love and comes to rely on this as an inner strength to make her final destiny decision that will drive her forward.