A Caring Community

April 1st, 2021 in Featured Titles by April Michelle Davis 0

A Caring Community – Copyedited

A Caring Community, a compelling story of The Retreat, told by Damian McElrath and John Curtiss, should give us all hope that recovery from alcohol and drug dependency can be affordable, accessible, and effective for all who need it. This time-tested caring community approach to recovery has become a standard of care that has helped thousands of individuals and their families access a life of recovery.

This book provides a historical perspective of the Minnesota Model of treatment, the impact of managed care on the treatment field, and chronicles the step-by-step process this group of dedicated addiction professionals and recovered individuals undertook to change the way people access a life of meaningful and productive recovery.

April Michelle Davis worked directly with one of the authors to copyedit this manuscript while preparing it for publication. During the copyediting phase, April Michelle reviewed the manuscript at the clause level, checking thematic organization at paragraph and sentence levels and checking for consistencies, errors, and omissions. April Michelle‘s attention to detail proved beneficial to the outcome of this manuscript.