Princess Margaret Discusses Food on FoodFic’s But What Are They Eating?

March 1st, 2018 in EI News by April Michelle Davis 0

The foods in April Michelle Davis’s young adult fiction book, A Princess in Disguise, were featured in FoodFic’s But What Are They Eating? on June 16, 2017. Princesses Margaret, the main character, believed that food had one purpose, which was to influence the decisions of others by abstaining from eating so as to change the mind of the person in control or to serve expensive and delicious foods to impress others. But never had she realized that food was a precious life-sustaining commodity until she left the safety and riches of the palace. In A Princesses in Disguise, food plays an important part in building relationships, in understanding the people, in providing a real life education, and of self-discovery. So in the end, food is not simply a form of sustenance for Princess Margaret, but it lends to a time for learning more about the people she will someday lead, and about the woman she is becoming.

Excerpt from FoodFic’s But What Are They Eating?:
“Princess Margaret has never been forced to be hungry in her life—she has never even been limited to a small selection of food—that is, until she selfishly decides to run away from the palace the night before her father is set to announce whom she would be marrying.

“After Princess Margaret leaves the palace, food begins to play an important part in building relationships. Around meals, the atmosphere is a time to connect, learn, and reflect.

“Princess Margaret’s first meal outside the palace is with Huntley, a commoner, in a local tavern run by Ackley, a good cook of local foods. Princess Margaret has only had meals served in the palace dining room or that had been brought to her room, so the atmosphere of a tavern, the smells of unfamiliar foods, and even the process of selecting what foods to order from a menu are all new to her. Princess Margaret wants to experience the food that her people eat so when Huntley orders shepherd’s pie, she is surprised and delighted by the smell and taste of the dish.

“The food adventures do not end with trying new foods. During the first days at sea, Wes, one of Huntley’s crew members, teaches Princess Margaret how to cook a pot of stew. He shows her how to prepare the meal, how and when to add spices to the stew, and how to taste it as it simmers and cooks—an intimate time between two new friends.”

April Michelle Davis’s A Princess in Disguise is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and her author website.