Types of Editors

May 12th, 2022 in Tools by April Michelle Davis 0

When searching for an editor, keep in mind that journal editors and book editors have different skill sets. Be sure you choose the editor that fits your publication type.

Typically, academic journals have strict conformity rules. The articles are shaped to a specific format, and the editing is usually done on a tight deadline. Journal editors do not have much, if any, contact with the author of the article. Therefore, they are limited in their understanding of the text. And there is little time for a journal editor to make “lovely prose,” as editor and blogger Carol Fisher Saller phrases it.

Book editors, however, have a longer deadline and often work directly with the author to make the text the best it can be. Because each book is unique, book editors work with a range of tones, content, and sizes. Book editors usually balance several book projects at once, and they have the freedom to decide whether they will take on a project with an unusual style or other atypical features.

As a book editor, I have worked on a variety of projects and know how different genres should read. I have worked with publishers and associations, but I have also worked directly with authors. When working directly with the authors, I have a better understanding of what the authors want to achieve and am able to help them reach their goals.