‘The Public Narrative About Our Industry Has Changed’

September 29th, 2016 in Quotations by April Michelle Davis 0

“Nationally, the network of independent bookstores has seen and is continuing to see real, sustained growth. This vitality is the result of your hard work, innovation, and a commitment to selecting and showcasing titles that we passionately believe in and that we know will find readers in our communities…. Believe me, I know you can’t pay your bills with press clips and that there will be many, many hectic hours before you make that last sale on December 24, but I hope that you can take a moment to appreciate that the public narrative about our industry has changed in a very critical way, as more consumers recognize the importance, vitality, and health of indie bookstores…. All best wishes to you for a busy and profitable holiday season from all of us at ABA. Thanks for all you’ve done–and are doing–to keep indie bookselling strong.”

Oren Teicher, American Booksellers Association CEO, in his year-end letter