The Difference with an Indie

December 30th, 2021 in Quotations by April Michelle Davis 0

“The only reason independent bookstores are surviving is because there are still people—many people, thank goodness—who want a bookstore in their neighborhood, and understand that if they want that bookstore to survive, they need to spend money there.

“Using a smartphone to compare prices to Amazon is downright rude—and it’s also missing the point of what indie bookstores can provide. Shoppers who are just looking for a discount won’t necessarily find what they are looking for at an indie bookstore. But shoppers who are looking for an experience—real human interaction, booksellers who get to know what kinds of books they like, a community gathering place—they will find what they are looking for. It doesn’t involve a smartphone. It involves the real world and fantastic books—not an app on a screen.”

—Michele Filgate, a writer and bookseller/events coordinator at the Community Bookstore, Brooklyn, N.Y., in a Center for Fiction column headlined “Smart Phone, Dumb Move.”