Motivation Techniques

February 10th, 2022 in Writing by April Michelle Davis 0

Writers love to write, but when a deadline is looming, writers may feel they cannot write because of the pressure. Instead, they will often decide that there are better and more important chores to complete around the house. Dishes need to be washed. Grass needs to be cut. Bathrooms need cleaning. However, even with the pressure of a deadline, there are ways to help writers make progress.

Rewards. Set word or time goals, and reward yourself when you reach them. My favorite types of rewards include writing a page to receive a piece of chocolate or a cup of hot tea.

Productive hour. Find the time of day when you work best. I find that I am most productive from midnight until about 4 am. There are fewer incoming emails to distract me, and my husband and son are sleeping. I cannot do this every night, but I can do this a few times a week.

Low-tech or no-tech tools. Not allowing yourself to use products like Microsoft Word forces you to concentrate on the words. And if you decide to use pen and paper, then when you are typing out your words you may find that this is a good time to begin the editing process. I can’t do this one, but congratulations to those who can!